USB to Bluetooth Adapter installation

USB to Bluetooth Adapter installation for Elm327 bluetooth connect to car obd

This manual explains how to install and configure the USB to Bluetooth adapter on your Windows XP or Windows Vista PC.
1.Plug in the Adapter
Plug the USB-to-Bluetooth Adapter into any available USB port. Windows will locate and install the drivers.

2.Set up the Bluetooth connection Locate the “Bluetooth Devices” icon in the system tray:

Double-click the icon.
If the icon does not appear in the system tray,remove and re-insert the USB-to-Bluetooth adapter.
The “Bluetooth Devices” window will appear:

Click the “Add…”Button.

The “Add Bluetooth Device Wizard” will appear:

Check the “My Device is set up and ready to be found” check box.then click the “Next>”button.

The Wizard will search for and display Bluetooth devices within range:

Click on “Scan”, then click the

You will be asked to enter your pass key:

Select the “Use the passkey found in the documentation:”radio button.Enter “1234” in the text box then click “Next>”
The Wizard will connect to the scan tool, and exchange passkeys:

Once the passkeys are exchanged the wizard will display the COM port numbers:

Write down the number of the outgoing COM port,you will need it later to configure the diagnostic software.

Click “Finish”.

The wizard will close and you should see “” under the “All other devices” view.

Click “OK” to complete setup process.

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