Elm327 Bluetooth Software EasyObdII

Elm327 Bluetooth Software EasyObdII


EasyObdII produces software for ScanTool.net OBD-II ( OBD2 ) Elmscan Interfaces using the ELM 3xx Chipset.
EasyObdII software is very easy to use making it ideal for vehicle workshops and individual vehicle repairers.
In just seconds the vehicle Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) and MIL (Check Engine) lamp status can be displayed and cleared.
Live Vehicle Data and Test Modes are also shown to assist with more serious problems.

EasyObdII Function
Auto Com Port with Scantool Recognition and Configuration
Additional PIDS – Secondary and Aux Status , Engine Runtime
Elmscan 5 and OBD-Link Support up to 115200 Baud
Live Sensor Data
Reads and resets vehicle trouble codes and MIL (Check Engine) Lamp
Windows 98 to Windows 7 Compatibility
Enhanced Error Detection
Vehicle Information
Impoved Datalogging with Saving to Text and Csv Files
Manufacturer specific and other generic codes will be displayed without text description
Vehicle Dashboard – Revs , Speed , Load ,Throttle , Battery
Monitoring test
Com Ports 1 to 25 with Configuration Display
Touchscreen Compatible
Improved CAN Data Support
Freeze Frame
Pending Diagnostic Trouble Codes
Show text descriptions of generic Powertrain (P) and Network (U) codes

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