Elm327 Bluetooth Software Digimoto


Digimoto automotive diagnostic software does more than clear those DTC codes and turn off the engine light. It is also used to measure vehicle performance and the state of your vehicles systems at any given point in time. This information can be logged into a file and saved in Excel. By monitoring these systems, you can perform minor maintenance when needed and potentially avoid a major automotive catastrophe, saving you time and money. The demand in the US and around the world for OBDII Automotive Diagnostic Equipment and software in the aftermarket is rising. This demand is driven by the increases in electrical and electronic systems in new light vehicles, and the economic trouble around the world. Many people who would previously take their vehicles in for even simple repairs are now becoming DIY mechanics. With the help of a Digimoto package, you can too.

Digimoto strictly complies with OBD-II, an expanded set of standards developed by SAE and adopted by the EPA and CARB (California Air Resources Board) for implementation by January 1, 1996. The standards state that all cars built since January 1, 1996 must have OBD-II systems. Manufacturers started incorporating OBD-II in various models as early as 1994. (For more information about OBDII please visit our FAQ) The Digimoto automotive diagnostic software application was designed to interface with Elm and mOByDic product lines. We currently distribute the mOByDic scan tool manufactured by Ozen Elektroniks with our software. MOByDic is an advanced diagnostic interface, offering comprehensive OBD2 / EOBD engine diagnostics.

Whether you are DIY mechanic, you have your own shop or are strictly into performance tuning, Digimoto OBDII software is the preferred engine diagnostic software around the world. Read and clear Diagnostic Trouble Codes from your ECU, monitor and save your sensor data while you view it as a grid, gauges or charts. Change the window, gauge, and charting properties to make it your own. For more details about the software please see our FAQ Page. Our new licensing allows to manage your licensing from your own internet connection. Do you need to run it on your desktop and laptop or car computer? Digimoto now allows for 2 activations instead of just one. Need to move it to a different computer, upgrade your operating system or make hardware upgrades, simply use the deactivate feature and you will be ready to activate again once you have made these changes.This and so much more all from your Digimoto software! Try our software with your ELM or mOByDic scan tool for free and run it as a demo version.

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